Sunday, August 24, 2014

Classroom Reveal Linky!!

Last week was such a looooonnnnngggg week! Monday our district had a county-wide kick-off for all the teachers and staff. To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to it and I really wanted to be in my room getting ready for my kids! I was quite surprised how great it turned out! We celebrated our state report card ratings, listened to our excellent speaker, and even danced! What a great way to start the school year :) This video was shown during the presentation and I just had to share -
Lol - Teacher Humor!

Anyway, I did get to work in my room on Tuesday and then I welcomed my 16 Terrific Thirds back on Wednesday. I haven't had a moment to spare between then and now! I am exhausted!! So I am finally linking up for my classroom reveal- its only fair I revealed it to my kids first, right?!

This is the front of my classroom. This year I decided to move my kidney table to the front of the room and get rid of my huge metal teacher desk. I have a white table (Target) that I am using from my computer and I use ALL the room on my kidney table now as my desk! Of course I will also be having small groups here!

This area is my classroom library. I have blogged before about how I organized it over the summer. I am super proud of how it turned out. It is my favorite spot in the room! However, I do need a new rug. I figured I could make it another year before I absolutely had to find the money to buy one. Help me, I'm poor!

I also love this writing area I created this summer. On TPT, I purchased A Cupcake for the Teacher's Writing Center Starter Kit and created my bulletin board for my writing space. I cannot wait for the kids to create here.

I moved my whole-group meeting area to the back of the room this year. It makes my room feel so open. I LOVE my green beach chair :)

Also at the back of our room is our word wall and new cursive bunting.

And this would probably be my kids' favorite place in the room. Chilla, the chinchilla's cage. She helped to hang her name bunting herself, can't you tell?!

That is it! For some reason I didn't take a whole room view picture, but these pictures show pretty much everything except the desks.

Share your classroom reveal!

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